Can I tell if he likes me?!

I was told this guy I hung out with was a terrible person, like he would sleep with anyone and anything and didn't really care about anyone other than himself. But we hung out last night and I asked him and he said he used to be really bad. But he was telling me he was respectable...and he was! We were drinking and alone in his car but we just kissed. He didn't push for something, and, if anything, I was the one initiating kissing and stuff! He texted me this morning to make sure I was safe. Guys I've met before haven't really been OK with just kissing especially when I get aggressive they want more. And they surely have never texted me the next day! I think he could like me, but I don't wanna get my hopes up. What do you think?!


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  • I'd say that things are looking good so far. Just be aware of how attached you get and to just keep watching how he's treating you. As long as he treats you good, ignore what everyone else has to say about him!

    Also, take things slow with him and don't have sex with him anytime soon. Some guys are just really good players and know how to get a girl to think they are a great guy and have them think they can trust him.

    Good luck! I hope things work out for you!

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