I just have this peaceful feeling that he could actually like me. Have you ever felt like this?

Last night I hung out with this guy for the 2nd time and I think it went great. He texted me this morning and we talked for a little bit. I only told the girl who introduced me and only because she asked. Usually I would want to talk about him to my friends, but I don't this time. Usually I would get clingy and text him or over-think things and drive myself crazy being negative, but I didn't today. And usually guys give off big signs or I can tell sometimes if they're not into me, but I don't feel like that this time. I know that I need to be careful about becoming clingy or attached still, but I just have this peaceful feeling that he could actually like me. I scare myself because there's always the possibility he doesn't and I'd get my hopes up, but for some reason this time I'm not too concerned about that. This might sound weird lol but does anyone else get what I'm saying and have felt like this?


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  • I used to have my hopes up when I had a chance with a girl that I like. Then I put them on that "mental pedastool" and then they stop talking to me. You only attract them when you play it off like you don't really care.


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