I'm dating my friend........how can I end it?

We've been together for a month now and I'm just not feeling it, like I thought it would be easy dating a friend but I'm still a little uncomfortable making out with her. I mean she's my best friend so I don't want to hurt her and she is attractive but I'm just not feeling it. what's terrible about this situation is the fact that she's really happy now, I mean I've seen how depressed she can get after a break up. Hell, I've seen how depressed she can get when she's been single for a while. I mean if you can see the way she is now, how happy she is it would just destroy me if I screwed that up, and I love the fact that I'm the reason she's this happy now but it just doesn't feel right. I just don't want to hurt her.

Should I give it a little more time? I mean things have gotten less weird since we've started dating and like I said I love making her happy.

Could this just be something wrong with me? I mean this is my first serious relationship, I didn't think I had commitment issues


Should I break things off now? if so, How do I go about doing that without hurting her?

Why we started the relationship?

Well it pretty much started one night we were out with friends, married friends, and everyone kinda was on my case. Mainly about how I need to settle down, sounding a lot like my mom, and my (now girlfriend) friend kayla joking said "well if we were both still single by 25 lets get married". Which apparently woke up the match maker in our friends cause they all agreed we should try one date now and if things are good keep going. Well the first date was awesome!
Angel1142...Thank you...After thinking about your questions. I need her, I don't just want her I need her there. I mean when we were younger I use too think about the "what if" between us, just never thought it would happen. I'm so use to jumping around from girl to girl, its just weird being with someone who knows me. I guess I made this post cause I was being a little b**** trying to run away. Your questions kinda woke me up and thank you for that. I'm going to see how far this will go!


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  • I need you to tell me: why did you start being in a relationship with her?

    • This is bad... you're dating your friend because your other friends told you to do so?

      Hold on! You have so manyyy good girls out there, why her? Are you even really attracted to her? Have you even thought about her this way before your friends push the two of you together?

      It really sounds like you just went with the flow why you should have stopped everything and reminded everyone that you will eventually meet the one. I'm not too sure what you should do now you're into the relationship

    • And problem is she loves being with you... You really need to figure out what's up. Do you think you could live without her as a girlfriend? Do you think your feelings for her are for friendship only or for more...? Maybe talk to her about your doubts and it will help you to see better. Maybe she will reveal herself by what she says as the perfect girl you've always dreamt of dating...

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  • It sounds like you're just a little unsure of how your new role as boyfriend goes, but that you are still pretty happy in the relationship, right? So maybe all you really need to do is just give it a little more time and maybe even talk to her about the awkwardness you feel. You can assure her that you're happy but that you're just a little confused as to how you're supposed to act as boyfriend instead of just a boy friend... I'm not really sure if that made too much sense... I feel like it does, but that's the best advice I can give you.

    If you're honestly not comfortable in this relationship and you really don't think things are going to work. You need to be honest with her. You're only going to hurt her the longer you wait to break up with her. As to what you should say... There's really no easy way to tell her something like this. She's going to be hurt either way, but right now it's about how you're her friend and you obviously don't want to hurt her. So you therefore have to be honest with her.

    I'm pretty sure I left you back to where you were before I commented... and I'm sorry for that. But only you know what's the right thing to do, so just take our advice into consideration and then make a decision.

  • I'm really glad it helped you! Being in a relationship is hard, it demands work and concessions...but seeing the other one's smile thanks to you... it is truly and simply awesome ; )!

  • First, can I just say how much you f'd this one up? But in any case, with the little amount of information you gave, *I* personally think it's better to try to put some distance between you -without making it seem like you want to call quits, maybe visit a family who lives out of town?- that way you can take sometime to REALLY consider your current situation. Maybe this new experience is just too much to process? You definitely don't want to be that d*** who breaks her heart, and this time the pain will be amplified by FOLDS seeing as you guys are best friends. You also don't want to realize too late that what you had was a good thing. BUT at the end of the day, you have to please yourself before you can make someone else happy. So, don't stay for her sake, stay because you WANT too. Because trust me, sooner or later she'll be able to tell. If you think you feel as though the situation isn't right, you're most likely right. Putting it off will make things a lot worst.

    There really isn't any way for it not to hurt her. Key is, to inflict the least amount of pain as possible . So in that regards, all I have to say is be sincere and honest. Good luck.

  • well for one its going to feel weird because she's your friend she prob knows a lot of your secrets your like and dislikes and you prob have feelings for her thus the reason your uncomfortable your prob feeling like you can't talk as friends anymore because your together let me give you some advise your in a good situation just talk with her normal things you don't know ask any questions and getting comfortable doing things can take time not only that but she's been in relationships and you haven't all you can do give it some more time and see if it gets better

  • Honestly give it time. You said its your frist real relationship ? your just new to everything. Things might change after awhile. It mean she's your friend, so it might take getting use to start feeling comfortable about the idea of dating her. If your really not seriously feeling it then you might have to just break it off. If she's really truly happy with you its going to hurt it, but its better than staying with and being unhappy yourself..thats not fair to either of you because than she's with someone who's not really wanting it. Its might be tough cause you could lose her as a friend after. If you guys are close enough as friends than you guys might be able to talk it out and still be friends after


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