How big of a deal are pimples?

Ok, so I have a decent outbreak of pimples. Not HUGE ones... just a good amount of smaller ones. On my forehead, chin, and a couple on the sides of my head. I'm doing everything possible to get rid of them, honestly.

But my question here is that I've been going out with a good amount of girls recently on first dates. And I haven't been getting many, if any, second dates. Could my pimples be playing a big factor in it? I have another date this Saturday and I'm worried my pimples will scare her off even though they really aren't that bad at all.

I do date "top notch" girls, so they might be used to physical perfection... i.e. great body, clear skin, etc... I don't have a great body... I'm fit, but skinny. And these girls are probably used to football player status guys (meaning big muscles)

Be honest! Don't just say "she should like you for who you are" haha


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  • Yea, pimples are an issue. I can deal with the occasional break up in the beginning, I like popping people's zits. My boyfriend let's me pop the ones he gets on his face, back, and ass. But if he had actual acne and we were first meeting and I didn't love him yet, yea, it would effect my choice.


    Get Clean and Clear astringent, get the one that's a pinkish/red color. It works the best. Use in the morning, and at night.

    Also get the Clean and Clear lotion that helps fight acne while moisturizing.

    Then find an exfoliating face wash, and wash your face once in the morning, (before you use the astringent) and once at night (again, before the astringent)

    That should work wonders and you should notice a difference in 2 weeks.

    • So before my date, should I put on makeup to cover them up? Seems pathetic haha, but I live with 3 girls actually so I could get one of them to do it :P

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    • Yeah, but I want her to choose if she likes me or not based on me...and not the pimples. Like you said, pimples would effect your initial decision on the guy.

    • Yea, but I still don't think you should wear make up. If you want to, go ahead then.

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