What's your deal breaker when it comes to dating?

Mine is not being able to have a deep/Intelligent conversation with a guy


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  • These are the big ones.

    Drug use (caffeine excluded, of course)



    Cruelty/Bad tempered.

    Being really bad with kids. Nasty with them.

    I had a girlfriend who kept claiming that she loved kids, and was amazing with them. Then I saw her scream at a friend's two year old who spilled a drink by accident - just turned me right off. I mean, the fact that the kid (at that age especially) was working with a regular heavy glass mug and doing good at handling it (no sippy cup), minus the little spill (understandable), I was a bit proud of him, and especially at a time where it was past his bedtime, and he was behaving awesomely... just... I was embarrassed to be around her. And I apologized to the kid and his mom (when she was away), and tried to make him understand that he was doing really well and acting like a big kid, and I was proud of him.

    Being selfish more often than not.

    Being a pathological liar. Cheating. All of these have to do with trust.

    Stubbornness with lying. If you can't give up eating something that I'm seriously allergic to... As silly as it might sound, if you're that addicted to, say, your peanut butter candies, then don't date a guy who is deathly allergic to it, especially when you have seen some of what it does to him.

    I like chocolate OK, but if my future hypothetical wife had a deathly airborne allergy to it, well, It'd be gone. Out of the house. (Now, I might get some when she is on vacation away from me for a week, but other than that, it's gone). I'm not that dependent on anything to hurt my future wife if it makes her that sick.

    Someone who's slept around a lot. 1) I don't want to run the risk of STD's. 2) Just psychologically, I don't want to be compared in that way.


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  • As sad as it may sound I have deal breakers that should be common sense.

    Doing drugs is one of them for example. This includes weed!

  • If she's a gold digger

    smokes cigarettes

    This is what I really don't like, lets say she rejected a guy at first, but later on in life she change her mind about him cause she realize she let a good guy go to waste plus she now starts to fall for him, after she apologize for breaking his heart and asked for a second chance, and of course he'll still agree to date her.

    Now this is the biggest deal breaker, (which I find unfair) if she ever confess her crush on a male friend of hers, but at first he kindly keeps her in the friend zone by rejecting her, but later on like lets say "three weeks later", he startes to realize he also has feeling romantic feelings for her "which he didn't at first", after he apologize for breaking her heart (knowing it also takes time for some guys to gather his thoughts) if he ask her if the him and her can give it a second shot, she'll reject him all because he rejected her at first, just to get revenge. That is a big huge deal breaker if girls think it's okay for them to change their mind about a guy and still win him over but if a guy change his mind about a girl, it's too late for him.

  • Lack of trust.

  • Deal BREAKERS?


    Unwilling to be sexually adventurous.

    Drinks too much.

    Overall unhealthy lifestyle.

    No interest in world events or traveling or intellectual curiosity.

    Ideal girl is a bit nerdy, exercises regularly, and likes to try everything.

  • Hmmm. There are a lot lol. But having multiple kids by multiple men, or being a conservative republican. Lack of any motivation, and just being a gross girl.

  • Crazy Bitch is probably the worst one, I have walked out on a really hot girl cause she had kids, probably wouldn't do it again though, and smoking is a pretty big turn off. I mean taking a hit of a joint is fine just not a pack a day. O yeah and cheerleader speech patterns.

  • Drugs, criminal record, flaky, dishonesty, and a poor attitude.

  • elegance! if she has that, I'm marrying her!

  • tobacco use of any kind

  • -kids


    -sh*tty personality

  • Hmmm...well that was always important to me...but personality-compatibility is more important...as is sexual-compatibility...can have sex, can have intellectual convos...however, at the end of the day...have to be able to live under the same roof...

  • -lazy

    -not independent

    -trust issues

    -has many "guy friends"

    -can't have an intelligent conversation

    -jump from guy to guy

    -parties a lot

  • I have a few:

    Girls who can't hold a conversation (i.e. airheads, non-intellects)

    Girls who smoke

    Girls who are self-centred/vain

    • I hate people who can't hold conversations in general. Or...They just sit there, pause then answer with a confused look

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  • -someone who is a republican or super religious. I have nothing against being friends with people like that, but I think in a partner you should see eye to eye on those things.

    -A guy who is narrowminded about things.

    -A guy who can't have deep/intelligent conversations about the world

    -As far as looks go, I'm getting to an age where what's inside matters more to me than what's on the outside. However, I don't think I could date someone who was super overweight. It's nothing against them personally, but I'm really active and in shape and I love doing active things outside. I want to be able to date someone who likes doing that stuff too.

  • Chronic unemployment

    Drugs and excessive drinking

    Broken trust

    Lack if sense humor

    Lack of ambition or drive for personal betterment

  • I have a ton.

    -any drugs

    -excessive drinking


    -bad temper

    -openly attracted to other women (like, I know he is attracted to people other than me, but I don't want to hear him say it)


    I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones I can think of.

  • Smoking




    Not interested in school



  • - talks about exes

    - sleeps around

    -bad breath

    -too many friends as girls

    - cheater

    - smoker

    - previously married (I don't want any baggage or broke from divorce)

    - kids

    -boring ass personality

    - unemployed for a long time

    -drug use


    - uneducated and can't keep up with worldly events

    -bad temper

    -roaming eyes

    - tight pants

    -dresses like a metrosexual

    - bad drinking problem

    -wants kids

    • Hahaha I love this!

      I can definitely agree with all of this especially the kids

    • yeah I don't want my man to ever see his ex again because of the kids and I don't want him to leave me to spend holidays with kids. I want him to spend holidays with me.

    • Holy sh*t this describes me perfectly, did we use to date?

  • dishonesty

    super extreme mama's boy (might as well be single and marry your mother)

    too clean and materialistic

    too strict



    not good with kids and my parents




  • Smoking/drinking

    Dirty nails

    Sweat smell

    Bad breathe

    All other things may come out much later, so a first impression can be very wrong. And dirty nails I can see in first few secs.

  • Guys who can't make me laugh is definitely a deal breaker.

  • If the guy is disrespectful to me or the people at the restaurant we're at, to people who are with us, etc., I can't be with him. I like people to be respectful and positive as much as possible.

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