Why do men have sex with a woman just once?

I met this guy about 9 months ago. He tried to pick me up but I was seeing someone else at the time. And I told him he wasn't my type (kinda true... not my type for marriage) anyway. I ran into him again in Sept. and he was still trying to talk to me even though I have turned him down months ago..

So I was kinda impressed with his ability to accept my rejection, most men become mean. So my feelings did a complete 180 and I suddenly liked him.

We started talking/texting a little here and there then one night we ran into each other again and I ended up bringing him back to my apartment and we had sex that night and the next morning.

He still text me but hasn't asked me to hang out. I suggested he come spend time at my place and he didn't give a straight answer. He just sent a pic of himself while he was at the barber shop. Then later around 10:30 pm he text me saying what are you doing. I was already sleeping at that time though and I was annoyed so I never responded.

That happen three days ago on Friday .. Now we haven't text since and I really like him. What do I do?


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  • Sorry to tell you, but your best shot is to wait until he is again horny. He has no feelings for you but if the sex is good and available when desired, he will likely stay with you long enough to develope feelings for you. That is just how men work. )


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  • you are cute so you have to do what you want

  • Been there. Done that.

    Time to do something/someone else.

    Men like variety.

    • ok and at what age does that stop because he's a few months shy of 30

    • I'm a few months shy of 40 and it hasn't stopped for me yet.

    • Men like variety, that doesn't mean they never commit though. Mine is 28 and proposed to me when he was 27 and I was 26, after being together for 8 months. He knows what he wants, you'll find one like that too. Don't keep sleeping with the guy who likes one night stands in the hopes that he will eventually develop feelings for you, that's horrible advice. Most guys don't change their mind like that. You're datable or you aren't, the timing is right or it isn't, the girl doesn't change that.

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