Getting mixed signals from him. How do I get to know what he feels without looking desperate or clingy?

My friend and I ended up in bed. We both knew we wanted to do it since forever and we loved it and wanted more.

every time we meet we have a good time, talking about random stuff, holding our hands, cuddling and of course having really great sex.

The problem is we are in a weird time of our lives now, moving apartments, moving cities, family troubles etc and we don't have the greatest opportunities where and when to meet.

When we are together I see he is happy to see me and be with me and he also tells me so. Sometimes he would leave earlier to deal with stuff he needs to deal with and I feel kinda alone. We text or get in touch almost daily though. When we kiss and cuddle or fall asleep together there are moments that call for something being said but it doesn't happen. I still would like to make it clear what we feel to each other and where everything is heading.

Is there any way how to start talking about these things or should I wait until he makes the move? It's been a couple of months...

I don't wanna look clingy or controlling, but at the same time I don't wanna feel like I'm just his lover and nothing else. What makes me think he likes me are things he does, such as giving me keys to his house, driving me around, asking me about my life and other things we share.


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  • I don't think he's that into you, just around when there's nothing else to do. LIsten to his actions, they say a lot