I am really into this girl and would want to date her eventually, but for now I would rather just restore our friendship.

This is a long story, a lot has happened, but I will try keep it as short and clear as possible.


-I am a junior in college. I have know this girl, who is a sophomore, for two years.

-We had a good friendship, but she had a boyfriend the entire time I knew her.

-I think she used to have a thing for me, and I liked her, but I kept my distance since she had a boyfriend.

-At the beginning of this year, I went to a dance with her, then we hooked up.

-After this, she went on a break with her boyfriend for about two months.

-I only talked to her when I saw her on campus or at parties.

-I texted her to hang out last weekend on Saturday night. Her replies were short and she had a meeting to go to, but said she would text me after. I didn't get my hopes up and didn't expect a text. She never did text me that night.

-I haven't talked to her since then, but she broke up with her boyfriend on the Sunday after I texted her. (So she has been broken up with him for about a week)

My concerns:

-I really like this girl, I feel angry at myself for hooking up with her because I miss the friendship we used to have.

-I rarely see her on campus, and if I do it's just passing by. I want to hang out with her again because I feel like we would both have a good time, but I feel like I may not get that opportunity.

Like I said, I am really into this girl and would want to date her eventually, but for now I would rather just restore our friendship. I don't know how to do that since the only time she actually would have a conversation with me is when we are face to face.

I am willing to be patient, and don't mind if I have to give her time. But just don't know what I can do to help the situation.


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  • Honestly it sounds like she feels guilty for hooking up with you while she had a boyfriend which is why she's avoiding you and also why she eventually ended things with her boyfriend. I would say your best thing is to give get space and time to get herself back on track. She needs time to figure herself out again and what she wants and right now that has to be without you in the picture. Give it time and if you're friendship was as strong as it was you guys will go back to normal at some point and if it's meant to be more than that, it will happen also. Good luck :)

    • Thanks for your response, if time is what she needs then I don't have a problem giving her some space. I am worried that since I rarely see her, she may drift away and move on from our friendship (not sure if that's the best way to word it haha). Also I don't really know a good way to rebuild our friendship after some time for the same reason, I don't see her and won't know when she's back to normal.

      But I do appreciate your response and agree that time is the best option right now, thanks!

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