Why do strangers kiss my hand? even when I'm talking to someone they keep kissing it

i've never seen a guy do that to another girl. but this happened to me already about 5 times. sometimes strangers do it without saying a word, they just come over kiss my hand, look at me for a while and leave. others a bar just say "i like you". some kiss it once, others keep kissing it for about 5 minutes while I'm talking to someone else in a bar :S

do I give off a"kiss-my-hand"-vibe or something? I mean, I love it because it's really romantic and a princess thing lol but I'm just curious why this keeps happening to me.

*others e.g. in a bar


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  • lmao

    Are you European? Its usually a sign of admiration for beauty. Although id say its uncommon where I come from.


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  • ...what?

    people really don't do that anymore,maybe as a gesture,but 5 minutes just ventures into WTFland

    • Lol. I knpw 5 minz is long. But if its just once or twice its really cute :)

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