Past few days though he's not texting or calling me at all.

Been seeing this guy for around 6 months.. It's always been great. Past few days though he's not texting or calling me at all. I've not been pushy about it either. Yesterday morning (after a couple of days of no texts or anything at all) he texted me 'morning :)' after a couple of hours I texted back 'Heyy what you up to?' He didn't text back, then a couple hours later I tried calling him but he didn't answer and he still hasn't got back to Me or returned my call ... I'm so sick of it. It's making me feel really down. I wanted to talk to him about it but how can I if he won't even talk? What do you guys think is up with him? What should I do now? :(

I know I seem a bit dramatic but I really just need to get out of all these thoughts. Couldn't sleep all night cos I've been thinking about the stupidest things all night.. It's actually 6am now :/ anyways maybe I should also add in that we haven't had sex yet although we have fooled around


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  • That doesn't sound too good. he might be losing interest or is seeing some1 else. I think you need to ask him what ups .

    • I tried calling him yesterday to ask him what was happening.. But he didn't even answer. But then why would he send me a morning text when he wasn't even interested in getting a respond? :/

    • i see. I'm not really sure, you need to tell him yourself that your feeling neglected and see what happens. try that and things might get better yeah!

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  • It's hard to say. Normally I wouldn't think much of it because guys are not communicators. We don't like talking on the phone or texting. It just doesn't do anything for us like it does for women. So it doesn't surprise me that he's not really the best about texting and calling you.

    However, going a day or so without texting or calling your Girlfriend is understandable, sometimes you get busy or just don't really have much important to say. However, going as much as 3 days is starting cross into the territory of being odd. Same goes for taking more than 24hours to return a call, or even the better part of a day, baring he's not working or anything like that.

    So its hard to say. Give it more time though before you jump to conclusions. He might just be extremely absent minded. Maybe his phone died or he left it somewhere. Maybe he's so phone conversation avoident that he literally ignores half of your texts and calls because he doesn't want to talk.

    • I don't know how you can say that communication doesn't "do anything" for guys. Sure, men may not be quite as talkative and open as women tend to be, but that doesn't mean a certain amount of communication isn't still important. I mean, would you really rather never say a single word to anybody? How does that work?

    • What I mean by that is that its not something we exactly "enjoy". They've actually proven that when women communicate with their partners, chemicals are released that cause pleasure and attachment. This is not present for men. The male equivalent is physical touch and proximity. Cuddling, hand holding, sitting together, sex, etc.

      No different that shoe shopping. Yeah us men do it, cus we have to, doesn't mean we enjoy it like women do.

  • He's just pulled back for a bit
    Calm the hell down, and carry on living your life. He'll be back to normal in a few days.


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