Hurt over a guy I have never dated don't know what to do

Basically I have liked this guy along time now. We don't see each other anymore, but pretty much I fell for him even though I won't admit it, anyhow he's been gaming me awhile now and I like talking to him anyway recently he hadn't been on so in frustration I called him names such as a self centered over egotistical etc well he then turned round and said he didn't like me and was closing doors on which is kind of lame, as we wasn't dating he never gave me a chance ever to properly get to know me or date and when he was given chance he slept with some other girl and then another girl I was friends with then he starts chatting with me online where he is a different person. Nothing has ever happened with us apart from touching once and me picking up his stuff. He was kind of into me anyhow he said first off he does like me until we had an argument and said he liked personality and stuff. Anyhow stupidly I like him more than I make out, however I feel like he always making excuses why he couldn't date me such as lately he says he respects me too much or he is fond of me, which tells me he isn't interested at all. Point is why is he doing all these mind games and messing with me and other thing is he gets all weird if I go near other men, such as when I saw him, however it was OK for him to date people what's the deal with that. Why is he messing with my feelings like this and playing games one min he likes then he doesn't what's wrong with him and then saying he is fond of me but its nothing more or less. Why does he keep coming back to talk to me if he doesn't like me or is he trying to hurt me on purpose or is he just a bad uncaring person anyway that's about it. Just wondered why guys play mind games if they have no intention of liking someone. I know people will say move on but when I do he does something else and I know its creepy and I should like him but I do.


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  • I don't know what kind of person he is, but he doesn't seem like someone who is capable of having a good relationship. It appears that he likes having people on a string without having to make a commitment. Never be someone's option while they're your everything.

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