Why Is She Bothering Me Out Of The Blue? She HAS A Boyfriend! (Long , But Please Answer)

Ok, my ex and I dated for 3 and a half years she took my heart and played with it for months. Stressed me out completely, I'm surprised I didn't have a nervous breakdown, don't know how I survived the pain, BUT I did =). Still hurt though because I thought she loved me, but I'm okay and will be better.

Anyway, she basically acted like she wanted me for months and acted like we were going to be together but after graduation wouldn't show me where she moved to and during the end of summer she begin to make up fake excuses to leave my home, would even start arguments and after a small argument, she begin to ignore me.

Back in August after a month of not talking, we talked and she cursed me slap out for no reason when I was just trying to get her back, yea, begging. I only ignored her because she ignored me and all of the relationship sites said ignore her and she'll come, didn't work though lol. So when I saw her out one day I wanted to talk but she was being difficult, cursing me out, wouldn't even get out the car to hug me, I asked for my cd's back and she refused to open the door and give them to me. That same day she tells me she met a guy who is just so awesome and so much better than me basically and she's just waiting for him to ask her out(I guess this guy is her new boyfriend now).

A week later, it was my birthday. She ignored it until I texted her basically saying, "you can't even text me hbd" and she texted "hbd" and kept it going. So, days later I texted trying to get her back again and then she was like "you're just wasting your time, I'm deleting your texts as fast as they come in." So, I was like well I'm done then.

Fast forward to now, that was 2 months ago. She posts statuses saying she's at the beach with (insert guy's name), her mom likes the status but her mom hated me when we first got together and for the entire relationship for no reason! All I did was try to show her parents how much I liked their daughter but yea she liked the photos and even wrote "cute" on one of them.

She gets back today and texts me 2 months later, "Hey, do you still have my stuff? I need to come and get it." Mind you, I told her to get this junk out of my room by September and she refused my items. So, I didn't respond. I deleted the text. I get off and she messages me on Facebook, "I know you got my messages. Trust I want nothing to do with you either. I'm just letting you knwo I'm coming to get my stuff." I immediately begin to die with laughter and once again, ignore.

I told her back in August to come and get it and she refused. I want her nowhere near my property nor do I want to see her. It seems she's just trying to cause unnecessary drama in my life. She ignored me all this time but goes out of town and post pics and "Jack and Jill" in the sand , and a heart where the I in Jill is(names were changed).

Why is she bothering me? Is it because I didn't show her attention? Why? I'm 21 and she's 22. We took each others virginity btw.


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  • soooo long! but I been passing your question all night and OK ill answer.

    hate when girls keep your stuff...

    yall both need to stop going back and forth

    throw her stuff away if she won't give your stuff back, sigh women >.>

    it could be attention and I dnt think she is fully over you but just ignore her. change your number, delete her off FB and be done. get your stuff back b4 you give her back. if you tossed it already, oh well.


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  • You're not gonna get answers on this for 2 reasons...

    1. because its so long. Doesn't matter if you told people to answer anyway, they won't.

    2. BEcause you're anonymous. People don't care about helping someone who can't even ask without hiding. I'm dead serious. You being anonymous doesn't give people a reason to care.