To invite him or to not invite him?

So, I have recently broken up with my (ex) boyfriend (3wks ago). We dated for a little less then 2 years (btw he is 34yrs, and his longest relation ever was 6months from my understanding from him/family/friends and is constantly in and out of relationships). I met him shortly before I moved to a new state/city. So I have actually become really good friends with his family and friends, always tell me they nvr liked any of his gfs except now and always benn complimented.Anywho! The thing about him is he was completely in agreement with the break up w/o even asking why I wanted to break up. Just said ok.

So his brother and his bro's wife (who I am pretty much best friends with) is having a party. I actually meet a guy and went and a date with. But only one, was thinking of asking/invite him to party (which I am to help throw/decorate). But what is 100% sure is that my ex will be there, just don't know if he will bring date or not. Would feel bad if he didn't and I did.

So my ? is how much does that effect (in your opinion) of guys? I don't wnt to make him feel like sh*t at his own family's house!

By the way let me tag on his brother says I should because mre then likely my ex will bring a date neeho


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  • Wow , way to much too soon . I would give it a while before you show up at his families place, with a new date.

    To me ( might just be me ) its a little disrespectful to come to a house full of people , whom you met through him.

    I would give it a while , and go to the party alone , and maybe mention the new guy to them , to test waters...


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  • Right, so do't bring a date there. You'l lose your friendship with the rest of his family as well as making him feel bad.


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  • Don't bring a date. You only just recently broke up with him, and seeing you with someone new - at his family's, no less - would probably be somewhere between really uncomfortable and really upsetting, for both him and his family who likes you so much.

  • Do not bring your date. That may cause some trouble if you did.

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