Is it a boy's job to text the girl?

So I met this guy about a week ago and we have gone to a couple parties together but we Haven't gotten the chance to hang out sober yet ahhah. he is a shy guy but I was sitting on his lap and he had his hand on my leg and waist and he gets kinda nervous when he talks to me one on one. Anyways here is the question, about how often should the guy text you? Every day? Every other day? what's generally your rule of thumb. I know he is a busy guy too, he just joined a frat! Thanks for the help


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  • I don't think its his job exclusively. I'd say there's a positive correlation with how much a guys texts and how much he's interested; busier people would obviously likely text less often.


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  • "Job"? Sweetie, if he thinks of texting you as a job, then there's something wrong. He should want to text you, end of story. You should want to text him as well, otherwise you're not really into him and so there's no reason for him to contact you anyhow.

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