I'm so insecure about my looks, I can't even date :(

I'm so insecure about the way I look that I haven't had a boyfriend.

I had issues with my skin growing up so I learned to make myself look presentable by putting on make up so my skin looks normal and dressing up.

I get noticed because of this (have been asked to model) but I KNOW that it's all just 'smoke and mirrors''. So whenever I get compliments about my looks I always play it down to temper their expectation.

My biggest fear is that I start dating a guy, he sees what I really look like and he rejects me and hates me for 'tricking' him.

What should I do?


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  • You wil need to explain all this to any guy who seems interested in you. Yu must have a nice body and be attractive overall, so a few acne scars aren't going to mean you won't ever have a boyfriend. But be honest with him about this upfront, or you will risk a guy having exactly the reacion that you describe.


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  • Stop being vain. Grow up and accept who you are. You are probably fine looking and yet you want to waste your life worrying about superficial crap. Move on.


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  • Cut back on make up. Go a week with just mascara and a bb cream and them extend it to two weeks, eventually you will be okay without any. You need to become comfortable with yourself. Getting compliments from complete strangers on your looks when you aren't wearing a spot of makeup and bed hair is an excellent confidence boost. Try it.