He's confusing me something miserable. Trying to make me jealous?

He is a cop guy friend of mine that I've known since childhood (few months difference in age) and that I text with alot. He knows I like him but says he is not trying to date anyone because of personal problems even though he is lonely too, but says that it is not me personally that is a problem. I have been single half a decade and am lonely and post silly picture comments online about cute guys. Once or twice he has said sarcastic seeming laughs as responses. He knows that I am not really trying to get flirty with men since I have been hurt bad.

My issue is that he says things in a way that sounds like he is bummed he doesn't have dates, etc. If he knows I like him, we text constantly, and he says that he is having problems and doesn't really want to date anyone for a long time and that it is nothing against me, then is he trying to make me jealous or something? It hurts my feelings some but I don't want to tell him.


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  • I think you should take him at his word. It seems that he likes you a lot, but isn't in a place to date you right now. I would try online dating or something to meet more guys. Maybe meeting someone else will take your mind off of him.

    • Thank you for answering. Just confused right now more than anything..

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