POLL: MEN - Have you ever...?

Guys have you ever gone out on a date with an attractive, funny, confident woman - but passed on a second date with her?

As 'wanky' as this sounds, I believe that I'm not 'ugly', I'm 5'8 with a pretty face and long brown hair and D cup. I have a career and I'm very motivated and able to talk to anyone about anything without pretension. I'm just wondering why a guy I dated (he's 30 I'm 25) didn't call me back? I did drop the "F" bomb a few times when we discussed politics in jest - (i.e not AT him but about some silly politicians) - could that be a deal breaker?


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  • I don't think the "F" bomb is a deal-breaker. That just shows me that a girl isn't pretentious or fake.

    Other than that, I have no idea based on the facts you stated.

    Attractive --> plus.

    Funny --> indifferent.

    Good sense of humor --> plus.

    Not insecure --> plus.

    Comfortable --> plus.

    Confident --> (indifferent, and potentially negative, depending what extent her definition of "confident" overlaps with what most men would consider "full of herself" or "egotistical" or "self-centered") (not saying that that's how you are, but I am saying that: "perception = reality.")

    A little insecurity and confidence in a woman is cute, and sometimes attractive. Too much, of either, is a turn-off.

    If it was for some other reason, no guy can tell you because we just don't have enough facts.


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  • I'm sure that there are other factors that have come into play. It sounds like you probably have enough options to not worry about this one guy.

    He may also be purposely creating distance. Honestly, when I have tried harder to develop a relationship it hasn't paid off as much as staying focused on my own goals.

    Who knows though... he may not have been as comfortable being open about his personal views as you were.

  • You could have hit a topic that he isn't interested it, or he really does hate. Why not call him back?

    • Hey Ryo -

      Really? THAT fussy re: topic he disliked...gee - if that could be the case, I guess I'm glad he didn't call me back - that's a little OTT in my view.

    • Well that's one thing, it could be many others. Some guys are just stupid, and that's a fact. Change that to some people instead of just guys. But I've had this kind of experience where a girl was texting me nonstop before, and after the date, but once we went to work the next day, she stopped talking to me, and NEVER gave me a reason as to why. She even talked nothing but good things about the date. So I feel ya on this question.

  • The most likely reason is sex based.

    Did you say something like "I'm saving myself until marriage" ?

    Or did you say something like "I just don't get why sex is so important to some people?"

    Or anything unusual like that?

  • Never been on a date but I do not see why he would not call back. How long has it been since that date?

  • 25, pretty with long hair and D cups? Where do I sign up?

    • Hey Anon-

      It's all true! I'm not perfect by any means, but I can't put my finger on the funny looks he was giving me on the night - somehow he looked surprised/shocked or just overwhelmed...at the end of the date he asked if I'd like to join him for dinner the following week and he texted me once I got home - who knows! Maybe he got a blowjob the night after - hahaha.

    • LMFAO! Nice! So it sounds like he's still texting you and interested in dinner again. You're probably fine.

      What did you wear, btw? :P

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  • I understand where you're coming from, I think there's a lot of women looking at your post saying, that sounds like me... the only reason I can think of is, no matter how good looking you are, no matter how big your breasts are, no matter how funny you are, if the guy doesn't feel a spark, an attraction, he prob won't call you back.