Did I screw it up or I still have a chance with him?

Sorry for the long text, but here goes.

My friend and I hooked up and we both liked it. We live far away from each other but stayed in touch almost daily, talking via fb, email or texts. We also exchanged pictures and talked about sex a lot, like how much we want each other.

Recently we met after a long time when I came to visit for a week (I stayed at another friend's house) and he came to pick me up and hugged me and and said he was happy to see me.

When we spend time together, we have great sex, but also watch movies, cuddle, or fall asleep hugging each other. We often hold each others' hands and talk for hours.

What was a bit upseting for me last time I was there, he was in the middle of moving to a different apartment and also sick and he kinda didn't use all the opportunities to be with me when I was there. Even though I understand he was busy, it made me feel a bit "unwanted".

For the last time we saw each other I was unhappy when he was leaving and didn't want him to leave, couldn't stop hugging him and making sad eyes etc. I guess I overreacted a little.

I asked him later if he was upset about it, and he said he wasn't at all. I hope I really didn't seem like super clingy.

So now I'm at home and it will take some time until I see him again. He doesn't text or message me as often as he used to, even though I see him online most of the day. When he texts something, it's usually just along the lines of how are you. It used to be much more intensive before.

Do you guys think I screwed it up? I mean he still keeps in touch with me, maybe he is busy with other stuff, but I miss talking to him the way we did before. Should I tell him?

We never talked about our feelings, do you think it might be the time that I tell him something? I think I'm in love with him and I want to know what he feels... What should I do?


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  • Rule 1) Long distance romances never work... like 99.9% never.

    Helpful hint "it" didn't make you "feel" anything. You managed that on your own likely without his even noticing since he was both sick and busy moving. Did you help carry boxes?

    Then you fed him the over clingy sad puppy dog eyes 'how can you ever leave me' act too?

    Really? And now he talks to you nicely but distant? Dya think?

    Sounds like he's earned a free BJ for your self absorbed behavior. Give him some space to let the petulant childish memories fade and then try to understand what is going on in his day when you chat next. Show that you care about something other than yourself and gaining his constant focus.

    Be more secure... it will all be OK so long as you're aware of Rule 1.

    • Thanks for your input! I asked if he wanted my help with moving, he said he didn't (his friends helped him with boxes). I cared for him when he was sick though, he said he liked it. He wanted me to come over and came to see me for at least a short moment when he was in the middle of it all. Do you think it's a sign he really wanted to see me?

      Now when those things are over I am confused. I try to give him his space, but I miss the way we talked before. So should I ask him more about his life? TY

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    • You're OK... take a breath... you are Waaaaaaay over analyzing everything. Pull back on the throttle... Give it a bit... if there is true interest then you will know... and it will ramp back up fine.

      If your sweating it this much you're not enjoying it anyways

    • You're right... I'm totally overanalyzing. I usually have guys trying to get my attention and not the other way around. I like this guy a lot. I guess I'll just try to focus on other things and hope for the best. Thank you!

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  • find out how he feels but the only reason you were feeling a little clingy last time was because of his distance with you while he was moving..if he is not too busy to be online but too busy to text or call you like he used to,maybe he met a local girl..