URGENT! Should I give up on her? So confused.....

I met this girl a month ago and I played guitar and sang for her. The next day I ran into her and I said hey. It kept going until we were making out that night. Last weekend we took a long walk and we held hands a lot. We kept talking until this Sunday night. I said I had to tell her something, so I told her I really loved hanging out with her and she's a really awesome girl. She was like "awww. thanks. that's really sweet." So then I put my arm around her and I was like "so... do you really have to leave?" Then she said "I think I know where this is going. I really don't want a boyfriend right now because I don't want to have to commit to anything right now. We can be friends for now." So should I stop texting her altogether and wait to see if she cares about me? She hardly ever texts but I think if she wanted to see me she would... Help?


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  • yes, let her go. she told you already. she clearly stated that she doesn't' want a boyfriend now. someone else will enjoy your music.

    • should I stop texting her to hang out with me and see where it goes? cause she is interested in me to some extent I think cause we did kiss before. what is my best option?

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    • well should I just not expect anything and stop texting her and act like I don't really need her. I could invent myself again and maybe she might try to contact me? I could post Facebook statuses of if I'm playing open mic without inviting her personally and she might think I'm not so easy to get anymore. is it possible?

    • yes, do that. and don't hope for anything. sorry didn't work out. at least it's only a month or so. good luck

  • she probably cares about you in a friendship way. just work on getting yourself over her and move towards a basic friendship relationship


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