Do we have an expiration date?

So, this guy I've been seeing for a few months now is giving me a lot of frustrating mixed signals.

I know our relationship is still in it's (very) early stages and I'm definitely not looking for a definition of what we are or a big commitment or anything yet...I realize and agree that it's too early to get into that.

But on the other hand, some things he does/says make me question what's going through his head sometimes about us.

On the one hand, he's always very nice and sweet to me, we check in with each other almost every day (we both work a lot so neither of us has a lot of phone time), I stay over at his place probably once or twice a week (he's made it clear I'm always welcome there even if he's not home and yes, we're sleeping together), he's not seeing anyone else (he told me he's a "one woman guy" and any free time he has is spent with me or ESPN anyway lol), I have my own bathroom essentials over there and overall we have a lot of fun together.

On the other, I'm pretty sure he hasn't mentioned me to any of his friends or family (I can't actually meet them since he moved here from FL but still...mine know of him) and he hasn't met mine either. He still logs onto his online dating profile daily, he doesn't correct friends who refer to him as single, he's annoyingly ALL OVER his attractive female friends Facebook wall with likes and occasionally flirty comments/posts (he's nowhere to be found on mine...we're both still "single"), and he's very wishy washy on his future plans...he's not sure if he wants to move back to FL or not.

Am I crazy? I don't mean to be lol I get we're only a few months in and I'm cool with taking things slow. I'm not looking to settle down anytime soon.

I just want to know that our relationship doesn't already have an expiration date. What's the point in staying if it does?

One more pro: He's had car problems a couple times and had to call me to help him out. I was there for him and he said he couldn't tell me how much he appreciated me being there for him.

One more con: He's told me a lot about himself and his past so I feel like I know a lot about him. But he hasn't asked much about me or mine so it's one-sided. The one time I tried to "share" he immediately seemed uncomfortable or disinterested so I let it go.


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  • A guy who's been dating for a while already but still doesn't know what he wants or can't give you a definite answer to your 'status' as being a keeping you as a backup and we all know for what reason.

    • Explain?

    • He's keeping his options open. It sounds like BFF to me. There WILL be an expiration date to this whole thing once he finds the person that'll make him change his FB status, introduce to fam/fds. And for a guy who's working and being uncertain about his future plans ... you need to question whether he is reliable and is it someone you REALLY want to be with? (take that emotion baggage aside and be realistic). I'd confront it asap.

      Answer my Question too if you will :

    • Good points...Thank you lol you've given me a lot to think about. And will do :)

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