I just found out he has been on a dating site. Did I do the wrong thing?

This guy I knew for awhile, things have been going great for the past few months. I just found out he has been on a dating site.. he told me he was on there a month go but we have been seeing each other for about five months now.. he said he shouldn't be discussing that with me at all.. and left it at that. what should I do now? did I mess things up? and how can I fix this?


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  • If it bother you enough then why not make your relationship official so that its more exclusive.. I don't think there's too much of a problem, just that you aren't in a exclusive relationship so maybe just try and change that and see how it goes.

    • well I tried to make the relationship official, he did not want to.

    • Then you can choose to either break it off, or continue as it is, an maybe just talk to him about why he doesn't want it to be official.

  • Fix what? I don't think you did anything wrong!

    I'm guessing you guys aren't exclusive... does it bother you that he's active on a dating site?

    • Somewhat yes it does bother me that he is active online, just the simple fact that he had stated that I was the only one that he was seeing, and there was no one else, I mean who says they should'ed be discussing this with the other person? I don't think I did anything wrong just confronting him about it..

    • If he said you were the only one he was seeing before, then no - you did NOTHING wrong. Perhaps he was frustrated that he got caught in a lie.

      You had every right to bring it up, don't beat yourself up.

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