Not sure if he's interested?

Basically arranged a date with a guy and text him to confirm and he hasn't responded back. It wasn't a question on the text but he could have easily said yeah that's fine or something like that, the fact he's left me hanging is really annoying!

Do I just forget him? I'm not going to text him again. Why do guys do that?


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  • When did you said the text? How much time has passed since you sent him the text? He may not have seen it or he could be busy. If he wants to go out with you, he'll let you know. Don't sweat it. If he doesn't reply back after a long while (more than a day), then just forget about him.

    • Text him yesterday, bout a day, thanks you're right.

  • Don't text him again; you did your part, now it's his turn. Maybe he's a little bit busy and can't find the time to respond back promptly, but regardless he should reply back to confirm about the date. I hope you still have that date...