Why is he bragging about his exes?

The other day my boyfriend was telling me dumb stories about his friend's crazy exes. Then he tells me that he (my boyfriend) used to date an ex-stripper and she was way hot. Then emphasized again that she was crazy hot. Why would he bring up that he dated a former stripper and brag to me (his girlfriend) about how hot she was?

Background info: we live together, plan on marrying each other, and his dating/sexual history before me is very limited.


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  • Hey, guys are lame and completely mental. We say dumb stuff like that when we want to show a girl that we can get good looking girls, not to make the girl next to us feel less about herself but to make ourselves seem like more of a catch. We think that maybe our girlfriend will think highly of us because other "crazy hot" girls will take us if you don't... That's about it right there

  • It just sounds like immaturity.


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