Are you guys just shy? How does dating work over there? European guys especially those from the UK help me out!!!

I have been having this discussion with a friend of mine who's from London and I told him I don't understand how people date over there. It doesn't seem like people approach each other (especially guys) unless drunk or something.

It feel s like the guys aren't very bold and are quite reserved/ standoff-ish .I've spent some time in the UK and while I enjoyed not being harassed it was quite strange to not get any attention at all. No eye contact nothing!

And if you do make a first move the guys don't really pursue.

Are you guys just shy? How does dating work over there? Maybe I just have bad luck with guys and can't attract a man?

I need some clarification I am totally confused!


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  • Hmmm, I agree with the other user. I'm from London and I usually meet people at clubs or dinners or bars or any form of social gatherings. But people do approach each other. It's just not as common as the other ways of meeting people. I've approached a few girls and I've been approached on occassions too so I wouldn't say that it never happens. It obviously sounds like it happens more where you're from.

    • It was different, it's a city so I understand that it's busy etc maybe being an outsider I don't k now how to do things maybe it was just me maybe I have bad luck. But dating anywhere in UK especially in London is not some I would ever do EVER. I have been scarred for life.

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    • Well, I still don't think you should give up over here. Keep trying, I find it hard to believe someone could find dating that difficult over here, especially if they are putting in a lot of effort. And how nice of you to comment on our fruit.

    • I love the fruit! I think it might be a culture thing too - different cultures. Whatever happens happens. I can't stress over this there are more important in the world sometimes we forget.

  • In the UK, dating is still somewhat formalised and so they don't do a lot of pick ups and getting digits in every day life.

    You meet people at specific events - clubs, pubs, dinner parties, etc..

    It's slowly changing, as more US culture washes up on the televisual shores, and they see a different way of doing things.

    • I've been to clubs and pubs only one drunk guy approach all of us at a table which was disturbing. People don't make eye contact or smile. If you see someone that you feel attracted to say at a museum for example there would no interaction? And even if you do make a move it's like the guys leave you hanging they don't pursue it's like the woman has to do EVERYTHING!

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