Did he just give me a red card?

or am I over thinking it? This guy I'm dating, I've known him for a long time , and we have been dating and last time I met him was oct 10 and since he has told me he is very busy with school and working on projects etc, so I gave him space than yesterday I wrote him on fcb and we talked a little than I asked if he wanted to get together next week if he has time and he said, I have to see, I can't promise anything, he did mention again he was very busy with school, so did he just give me a red card?


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  • Girls taking the initiative is modern and "cool" but what you think is forward comes off as sort of desperate and will place you at a permanent disadvantage. Perhaps he will (or already is) playing you. Perhaps he will take sex from you and then "unfriend" you. If he were interested, he would not need to be "sold". It's OK to drop the handkerchief for a guy to pick up but trying to hand it to him is a bad plan.

    • didnt really understand your point :s

    • Answer: Yes he did.

    • hm so weird tho, I havnt done anything, I give him space, he usually does contact and write me alot, mby he is busy, I remember when the first two weeks of college started he did the same thing

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  • Maybe.. or he just IS really busy. But if you are really unsure, just ask him why's he always busy. :)

    • i guess. I mean I've known him for 3 years and we have dated for a long time so he doesn't have a good reason to be cold towards me..

    • Hmm... just tell him its bothering you that he's always busy. If you have know him for 3 years, he'll probably won't get mad that fast, since you've know him for 3 years and probably were good friends before you two started dating?