Guys: If you want to text a girl, but know she's mad at you?

Will you still text her? Or would you just leave it? What if you knew she was mad because of something you did. Would you apologize?


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  • I would text, "if I have done something to upset you, I am sorry for that, but please don't let it hurt us, I will try to explain if you let me, but if you rather I stayed silent, I will. I hope I can mend whatever I have broken, if you can just give me a chance. really care about you, I hope you do to. I won't call, I will wait for you to, fondest thoughts,x

  • I'd have to know more details. If she was mad at me, I'd text. If she was mad because something I did, I'd have to know if it's something I felt strongly about and feel I'm not wrong. If I knew I was wrong, I'd apologize no problem. What did the guy do that made you mad?

    • He stood me up ><

    • also depends if the guy does care about you. If he did something to upset you and he cares he would say sorry to make things better. If he stopped communicating altogether, well, move on to something better...Life is toooo short to dwell on the negatives..It takes 2 to make a relationship work and only one to break it apart. Best of Luck..

    • Do you have the entire story?

      My girlfriend stood me up the very first time we were ever supposed to go out. I then saw her at a club that night, walked up to her and said I thought we had plans. She broke down crying apologizing and asked if I was angry. I said I wasn't angry, that I was disappointed. She said that was even worse. That was almost a year ago now. I forgave her, she came around, and we started dating casually 6 months later, and now we're exclusive.

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