If she really likes me why does she go on dates?

I have been dating this girl for four weeks. Things are not official yet but every time we see each other it is better than the last time we were together. I am really into her and like her a lot. We connect great. We laugh at each others stories, cuddle, and she is always trying to tickle me and play. I think its really cute and I like it. Things have been going really good but today when I talked to her she said she was going out to dinner. So jokingly I said "Oh you have a hot date?" Her response was " Yup lol" I said "Oh, that's cool" Her response was "Is there anything wrong?" I said no because I don't want her to think I'm a little disappointed that she is going out with another guy yet shows me so much attention. She knows that I like her and although she has not come out and said it to me I think she does since she is always asking me to come over to her place to cuddle and to see me. If she likes me then why is she going out with other guys? I know I can't tell her who to date or anything but why would she even tell me that?


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  • I think she's still figuring out what is out there, and not putting all of her eggs in one basket so to speak. She likes you, she enjoys hanging out with you, but you're not her boyfriend yet. She's probably the type to take things slow and weigh out her options. Plus, girls in our generation have learned that it's stupid to give 100% of your attention to one guy off the bat. A lot of guys will play you, not want a real relationship, or are also dating other girls for a while. So it's smart to date around until that guy tries to make things official so you know he's not a player.


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  • If you're not asking her to commit she has no reason to stop seeing other guys. If you let people have their cake and eat it too that's what they're gonna do.


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  • Okay, you've gone on some dates, and they were dates, but you guys haven't made anything official yet. She is still free to go on dates with other men, just as you are with other women.

    So you need to step up your game, and don't mean that in a sexual way. Start showing her you are serious about her. You say you know she likes you, but does she know if you like her, in a deeper context? Have you told her? Have you brought up on a date or when you were together that you want to take things further. Don't be concerned about bringing up exclusivity. For all you know, it's what she wants, but is not sure you want it, and is keeping her options open in case you, never bring it up. Going on dates is just one step on the relationship road.

    I can't promise it will work out, but I am pretty certain if you do nothing more, it probably very probably won't.

    • @theuglyone what do you mean not in sexual way? he's dating this chick for 4 weeks and still no action? this is ridiculous.

      @qa you did at least kiss her, right? or you're acting like a little 13 yo girl? if not, you need to escalate things, buddy.

      and do not ask her to be exclusive. I repeat, do not ask her to be exclusive. you're job is to make her ask you that.

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    • I am in fact, thank you. I have a great wife, and in case anyone thinks we took sex slow, she and I did it our first date haha. But it just felt so right at the moment. And been together six years, and the sex is still just as good as the first time.

    • pure amateurs. I get sad when I see such stupidity and clueless self-flattery. and what breaks my heart is that our chef matty will probably take your advice because it "sounds good" and there's a woman who's backing it, which is another stupidity - taking women's advice about women is a suicide.

      if you think my advice is about how to bang and leave then you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. quite the opposite.

      but hey, it's all good.

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