How would you rate your ethnicity or your own race in relationships?

Hopefully without anyone trying to be biased or partial for or against because of your ethnicity for example trying to score points for your ethnicity, there is no points, just curiosity is all. I'm just looking for straight forward honest answers.

Finally my question is how would your rate your own race or ethnicity in relationships? Would you say your ethnicity is more loyal to their partners or not? And what about mixing ethnicity. Let's say your ethnicity is oriental guy or girl when either dating or in a marriage white guy or girl. Would you say because it's your ethnicity the oriental girl would be more loyal to her partner or husband? Or in the case of a oriental guy dating a white girl, would he be more loyal say as or more loyal as a white guy to the white girl? I think you get my point. Because of your ethnicity would dating or relationships be more likely from your own experience or knowledge especially in mixed race dating or marriages, would they be more than likely to last because of your ethnicity? By the way that goes for any ethnicity, I just used oriental as an example. Girls and guys weigh in.


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  • I am Asian. I came here as a foreign student and married a white man. If I try to answer your question from my experience, my ethnic background and its cultural values are not good indicators of measuring how much loyalty I have. Expectations, norms, unspoken rules, all kinds of cultural values are taught and influence what you believe though. The culture I came from expects loyal adherence to the values that do not have much room for flexibility. In general, women are still expected to be loyal to partners / husbands even though things are not fair to them.(also, double standard is still accepted)

    Living in a country with different values from my own just made me more liberal than I had already been. I do not feel comfortable with certain things about my own culture, but there are good values I respect and practice. I always knew what was comfortable to me and did not compromise too much so as to feel accepted.

    Some feel comfortable to follow everything because it is safe even though they are not honest to themselves. Some remain loyal because they believe that is the way it is even though they are not happy. And some don't. I do not want to feel obligated. I believe cultural backgrounds influence to large degrees for some people and less degrees to some people, all depend on factors such as personality, experiences, environments they are in etc.

    As far as loyalty goes, I think family environment influenced me alot. My father was not loyal, but my mother was. Except for my early 20s, I have been loyal when in a reationship. But I ended up establishing a pattern of moving on when relationships did not work for me, especially when I lost respect toward them. They were all white men and were faithful to me. So, what influenced me in terms of being loyal and faithful has little to do with my cultural backgrounds.

  • I think every race is pretty much the same with dating. It's the culture that they were brought up in that might affect it.


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  • I don't think most white girls are loyal partners.

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