Is it weird for a girl to text a guy reminding him about hanging out?

known this guy for two years...we met at work...we've always been friends but we have kissed.

after he quit, we started hanging out a lot more...especially during the summer.

since school has started, we Haven't really talked that much or seen each other. however, like two weeks ago, he asked me to basically hangout. we were supposed to hangout but he had a family thing. the next week, the same thing happened again.

on Saturday, I texted him saying I could hangout that Sunday or next Saturday (this coming one). he texted me "lil alright. ill text you when best for me". and nothing..yet. thinking he forgot..

should I wait..should I text him saying "hey you wanna hangout this Saturday?" its weird Because he usually always gets back to me...


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  • Back in my day, we called that communicating, and it was never weird even for a woman to do it.

    I should think it would be okay, after all, it's not like you're texting him every hour or something.

    • Ah yes, the dark ages.

    • In a way yes lol. No internet, no cell phones, no cell phones with internet access. Makes me wonder how we ever got by lol.

  • Yeah you could be like hey this is____ did you decide which day you want to hangout? I'd think that would be great if a girl followed up with me. Gives me the assurance that she's not going to cancel and waste a bunch of my time. (That's one of my pet peeves is people wasting my time)


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