Wouldn't reply! What do I do?

I went on 2 dates with a girl, the first was kind of cheesy but I thought the second when amazingly well. She even agreed on going on a third (bowling) and told me to bring my A game.

We do text a lot because she said she isn't a "calling person". I texted her two nights ago but she wouldn't reply. What do I do? Normally I just walk away but I don't want to miss a good chance since I think she is amazing!


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  • Cut your losses, because this girl has definitely read your text message. I guess she's waiting for you to understand the hint. Don't text HER again, the ball is on her court.

    Maybe she got in contact with her ex, maybe she has other options and isn't very interested. Other guys would have lost interest already and she knows what she's doing, so don't give her a reason to think you already fell for her charms.

    If she eventually does react, be cool, calm and charming.. but hold back. She doesn't want to put in effort to keep you, then you shouldn't put in effort to get her. And don't be surprised if she drops you like a brick.

    Keep your confidence and know that there are plenty cute girls dying to meet you and have dates with you.. and above all be consistent in contacting you, it's the least they can do.

    • what happened eventually?

    • Ha, she called and we ended up dating for a bit but we got really busy with our work so we called it off after a month. Thanks though!

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  • Well with us females the story can be much different as to why we aren't contacting you back. I would wait a little bit longer, send something casual wait, if she doesn't answer you might just have to cut your losses and move on.

  • you don't know her situation, maybe there's a simple explanation for it. try to come in contact in other ways, not stalking though. and when she is still distant, you should walk away.


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  • OH! DO NOT TEXT HER ANYMORE until she replies. Act like it's not important to you. She'll call/message you back. Trust me!

    And in general go for less messages, because it makes her feel you are the one who is needy.