Does this girl like me? I suck at hooking up! What do I do?

Well I took this girl on a date, we hung out at the mall, saw a movie had her smiling and laughing the whole time. we share musical interest so driving her around was fun, just listening to music together was neat.

I never tried to hold her hand because I wimped out :/ But I heard some girls aren't comfortable doing that on the first date so I don't feel too bad about it anymore.

well I dropped her off at her house and told her I had a good time, she said she did too.

then 2 minutes after I dropped her off I get a text from hearing saying "I had a nice time :)"

we texted each other that night, and she is the first one to start text conversation usually :O she uses a lot of ":p" and ":)" which is hopefully a good sign :D

I don't know where to go from here, I don't know if she likes me either which makes it more difficulty because I'm bad at this stuff anyways.


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  • She had fun, be confident and assume she likes you (or at least your company).. and ask her on a second date!

    Don't worry about her too much, if she flakes out or whatever then you know she lost her interest. But until then you shouldn't think about being rejected. Anyway it's not personal, so don't think about if she does or doesn't like you for now.

    It's so cute to hear about a first date from a guys point of view (:


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  • She obviously likes you. If you had a bad time on a date, would you immediately text them to say otherwise?

    Ask her on a second date. Sounds like she wants one.


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  • Dude, just look at the facts. Did you have a good time? She already said she did, and she starts the text convos so it seems she does like you. My advice is too stop doubting yourself and overthinking the situation, if you do that you'll know the answer but don't wait too long because women have their limits she might start to think YOU DONT LIKE HER Don't let that happen.

    good luck