Calling vs. texting the person you like

I wanna know if there is something more when a guy calls you rather than text you. My best guy friend calls me even when I'm working to talk to me. I try to text him but he always calls me. We used to date but now we are best friends, hang out every day and ill sleep over at his house. He always ask me to come over and help him with something even tho he can do it by himself. We hug all the time and I want to know if he is wanting more and is showing me that by calling me rather than texting me. When I'm working he always calls and if I don't answer he will call me until I text him I'm busy. His family loves me and wants me around which is very different from his past girlfriends or just friends. So guys, I wanna know do you call the girl you like more than texting her?


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  • That's because texting isn't for conversations, it's for sharing a very quick piece of information. Most guys HATE to have conversations via text, and so if a conversation can't wait (guys would prefer to always talk to you face-to-face), then most guys would rather CALL you (or for you to call) than to spend 20 minutes typing out text messages.

    Girls are WAY too addicted to texting.

    • Well see he does text me sometimes. And I only text at work and he knows it. I'm the kind of girl who would rather call the person rather then texting. I HATE TEXTING!

    • And like tonight, he called me twice just to tell me something. I don't answer because I was busy handheld forgot what he was going to tell. It wasn't a conversation, he just wanted to tell me something.

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  • I guess it could be! He adore you and you know it!