Is it weird for a girl to text a guy about hanging out?

been friends with guy for two years...we met at work...we have kissed. after he quit, we started hanging out a lot more...especially during the summer.

since school has started, we Haven't really talked partly because he didn't have his phone for a month.. however, two weeks ago, he asked me to hangout. we were supposed to hangout that Friday but he had a family thing. the next week we rescheduled, and the same thing happened.

last Saturday, I texted him saying I could hangout that Sunday or next Saturday (2morw). he texted me "lol alright. ill text you when best for me". and nothing.

what should I do? should I text him tomorrow saying "hey you wanna hangout after I get out of work? he usually gets back to me...hes the one that originally asked in the first place..


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  • It sounds like he is trying to be polite, but is't up for meeting you. That's at least three times he hasn't folowed up after you asked. I would't go for four, myself.


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  • why do you think text is the best way to communicate personal interactions? actually it sucks.

  • Well id say that, its not weird to ask him. But he probably thinks you like him (and this is just me thinking that) but yea, he probably think you like him a bit.


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