Active Ladies who Want to Date Active Men - Would you Ever Date a Sumo Wrestler?

This question is directed to women who active themselves, and want to date men who are also active. Would you date a sumo wrestler, considering that professional sumo wrestlers spend the entire day training and working out? And, not to mention, they're actually very strong. The only thing is, they're also pretty wide because being wide helps with having a better center of balance.

Or, are you turned off by fat men?

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  • hell no.. adult diapers? huge! not for me I'm small and don't find them attractive.. I'm sure someone has to?

    • Well, I'm sure that some do. Some women in Japan do actually like to watch sumo wrestling like some women in this country like to watch sports here.

      And, technically, they're not diapers. Diapers cover your butt cheeks, whereas the sumo wrestler's mawashi (loin cloth) doesn't. They're more like thongs than anything else. It's hard to believe they view this as a serious sport and that it wasn't originally intended to degrade fat men.

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    • Interesting.. I just know that they don't have long life expectancies.. It's a part of their culture.. I'm big on baseball I guess that's mine (although we have to many fat pitchers lol ). I don't really look at a wrestler or boxer as as a hero.. Unless they have actually used their strength to save more lives than to fight.. and it's just a platform to raise money... I'm more cerebral though

    • Well, actually their life expectancy is at the world average. It's still 10 years shorter than the average for Japanese males. You can compare that to MLB players who live 5 years longer than males in US.

      But, it's still pretty good considering that they're morbidly obese. Which goes to show that even if you can't keep the weight down, exercise is can still help ensure that you'll live longer.

  • Yeah but only if he was awesome!


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