Is this awkward? Did I screw it up?

I just had a first date with this amazing girl. We laughed, had a good rime, and I definitely wanted a second date.

Typically, I don't think a kiss on the first date is a good idea because I think you're still in the get to know each other stage. However, at the end of the night at her door, she made the move.

I haven't been in a kissing situation in nearly 2 years I'm just worried I made this awkward. At the end, I told her that she was a good kisser. We kissed again and she started to walk to her door. I said wait one more! And we kissed again. Did I make this awkward? What do you think?


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  • Nope sounds perfect!:)

  • Not at all... I love when a man asks for one more kiss when trying to say goodbye or goodnight.

    You're fine, no worries necessary :-)


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