Is backing off a good idea?

The pattern is:

- I text my boyfriend at the beginning/end of the day. Something short.

- He replies to whatever I asked him about and tells me that he's happy I messaged him. Wishes me a good day/night.

- I don't reply because

a) I already texted him first. Don't want to look needy.

b) He asked little about me. Don't want to nag him with things

I could tell him later.

- Result: I'm sad that I made the effort to contact him and that he didn't show a huge interest in what I'm up to. I get frustrated and tell myself "Maybe I'm showing too much interest. If I stopped messaging him for a while, how long would it take him to contact me first?"


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  • Look you deserve someone that can't wait one more minute to find out what your gonna say. If you wanna talk to your boyfriend he should be having equal partake in the conversation. I don't think the question is wheather or not to back off but if he is actually a good match for you. Also a lot of guys don't like texting and really aren't good at it. Maybe its just something you and your boyfriend shouldn't rely on. Try calling each other instead.


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