Guys if you like a girl and she never texts you first you will think she's not interested?

a few days ago I met up again with a guy I had been dating casually for a while but not sleeping with. we had been talking in between but not as often..i pushed him away at one point.

it was fun and we went out together and spent hours talking. during the date he said he missed me and that he wants to get together again and I said I would like that.

we are not in a relationship and don't speak every day at this point. though he did text me after we met up, now it has been a few days since we have spoken. but, I know he is away this weekend.

i barely ever initiate conversations with him, and he used to complain that he is always the one to start the conversation and that he wishes I would more.

also..when I actually do start a conversation he actually responds faster and seems more eager to talk than when he initiates it.

my friends are all telling me I should text him.

should i? I just don't want to look desperate or clingy, but I want him to know I like him. especially because he made some insecure remarks about how he thinks I am not going to want to spend time with him, said he missed me, wants to see me again, seemed very into me.

i guess I should take the initiative? if a guy is unsure that the girl is interested and it is a girl he has been close with for a while, will he be hesitant to run after her too hard?

i mean, he does initiate conversations with me every week, and he did say several times during the date he wants to get together again.

i just don't want to be running blindly if he does not care about me. but if he did not want to keep seeing each other, why would he say all those things how he missed me, thought I didn't want to see him anymore, etc, while we were out?


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  • If he asked you to text him first, then clearly he wants you to text him first. If you never texted me first, I would move on.

    • in general he has said in the past that he likes when I text him. and if he said he wants to see me again several times, and did text me once after the date, a few days ago,do you think he would want me to text him?

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