Do guys like it when you go halves on the first date?

Went to the movies gold class and out for dinner last night. Guy had already bought tickets for the movies which would have been about sixty bucks so when we went somewhere for dinner although he was more then happy to pay I insisted I would as it was only fair. I generally like to go halves and don't expect the guy to pay for everything. Do guys like this or find this annoying or a good thing? Cheers.


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  • hes trying to treat you like a lady chick, enjoy it because as you get older you'll see no more of that shiite after the shine of youth fades from you.

    #1 a chick says that to me on a date she's basically saying 'your too dam poorazz to afford that' which is a backhand or she's gets the message across to me 'u ain't gettn nothing punk so calm the fawk down' which is a backhand.

    look after you get involved with a dude & y'all got better trust then pull that BS out then it wouldn't scare the guy off you because a real man who takes care of business will get your drift & cruise off for a more receptive lady AND the down side to your halfer approach is you WILL attract a lot mommas boy losers looking for someone to freeload off of & there's a lot of Jerry Springer losers out there!


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  • I wish girls would insist more often. HaI have had a lot of dates where we'd be laughing and having a good time, I'd pay, then they wouldn't talk to me anymore.

  • it depends.

    Sometimes the man likes to pay, it gives it that "official date" feeling.

    Whereas if you split the bill its more of a friend feeling. He has to question "does she really like me?"

    To fix this problem just do other things throughout the date to ensure him that you like him in that way, and that you are more than just friends and everything will be fine.

    Or you can just date men who don't give a sh*t and realize that women paying is fair.

    And that only an insecure man questions if a girl likes him or not. A confident powerful man assumes she likes him no matter what, or he just doesn't care either way, he has other women if this one doesn't work out.

  • well I'd prefer if we split the bill but I always like to pay everything being the gentleman I am

  • 60 bucks for what? I don;t ever remember any movie tickets (even including food) being 30 dollars a piece. Well Regardless I always pay for everything on every date.


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