How do you take sympathy dates?

I didn't realize I was going on one until I actually showed up and realized that she actually took pity on me, which is why she was giving one date for me but had no intention of going beyond that. It felt awful afterward and was bewildering during it. I don't know what to do right now other than lie on my bed and feel bad.


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  • Quite frankly my dear this is very rude of her. You should not accept dates unless you have an intention of possibly perusing a relationship of friendship or any kind of intimate one, with the other person. You shouldn't feel bad at all. You were confident and very brave to admit you wanted to take her out, and it's her actions that need to be reconsidered. I highly entertain that had she let you down gently you could move on much quicker and find someone willing to date you properly.

    So don't take it too badly, note it for the future that it feels bad, and move on. It's perfectly natural to feel bewildered about it, but push it to the past and look for a woman who is really worth your time :)


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  • How do you know it was a sympathy date? She told you?

    • no, but when I showed up, it was like she was just checking off the list of activities for us to do so that she could go home. The vibe wasn't there at all. We used to flirt a lot, but on the date (which she was hesitant initially to accept) she wasn't flirting at all and just wanted to get things over with.

    • maybe she had stuff on her mind maybe she didn't like the activities, nothing better for a first date than dinner or going to a pub for drinks, you won't know for sure unless you ask her out again