How do I get comfortable to date again after not trying at all for years?

I'm 24 and Haven't dated anyone seriously for about 3 years. I don't have a problem finding guys to date, but I have trouble putting myself out there. I don't like to do the bar scene, especially in my little town. I'm just getting to the point where I want to intelligently share myself with some one but I don't know how to go about it. Advice please, men?


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  • I don't really like bar scene for dating either. I think you should just be open and sociable with people. Try new hobbies and go new places. Also I think it helps being straight up with a guy if you are interested in a relationship with him.

    • I don't think it helps being straight up with a guy if you are interested in a relationship with him because nowadays most guys only like attention from girls, even if they don't like the girl. They just like their ego being fed. I would say to wait for the guy to make the move, because if he really in interested in you, he Will make the move and won't want you get away

    • Well if both parties are playing games it doesn't look like its headed toward a serious relationship. If you do meet someone that you can open up with and are able to be straigh foward with don't hold back or play games. That stuff would only drive me away.

  • sound like your quite literally in the exact same boat as me. id love to date somebody like you, because you sound exactly like me. any way yeah the bar scene is lame, in a small town its hard to do things where you get to interact with people outside of work. my only suggestion would be to find things other than the bar where you can attempt to approach guys or maybe even be approached. possibly at a library or the gym? or some kind of recreational activity


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