Is she sending me a signal?

Hi. I have this close friend. We've been close for about 6 years but never done anything with her. We flirt a lot and IM. We are both attracted but at least for my part, I'm a bit scared because things may change between us after sex and I also suspect she wants me to date her and not just be shagging. And I can't date her.

She has recently started giving me pecks on the lips. She even did this once as I came in and one of her suitors was inside, Is thee more to these pecks or are they ordinary?

NB: I once tried to kiss her and she backed away. This was quite some time ago.

Girls what your take on this?


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  • Sounds like she is. If you don't want to date her though, you need to let her know, because your friendship will definitely be ruined if you just hook up with her when she wants a relationship.