Guys and texting! Help!

If you like a girl would you text her everyday or not necessarily? And if the guy I'm dating hasn't text me in two days is it alright for me to text him first?


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  • Most guys aren't really that big on texting, *especially* with girls who always want to have CONVERSATIONS via text. It would be one thing to send a quick message and be done, but guys don't like to be tied to their phones having to text and text and text. Guys generally don't multitask very well, so texting means they have to come to a complete stop and focus all their attention on texting.

    Understand that guys want to do 99.9% of their communication with you IN PERSON. If something is important and can't wait, CALL HIM. You should keep texting down to very BRIEF pieces of information or yes/no questions whenever possible. He will appreciate you for it, and will probably be more open to texting with you if he knows you won't be expecting a 60 minute text conversation.

    Feel free to text him, but always remember this too: just because you are free right now to text him, he might not be free to reply right away. Don't expect rapid replies unless you've arranged things in advance. You'll still get them a lot of the time, but he might be in the shower, taking a nap, working on something outside, or whatever, and may not have his phone with him, or may not be able to stop in the middle to answer it right away.

    • I completly understnd your point and I'm not big into constant txtng either I jst make it very short.But I still would like a hey hope your havng a good day text I dnt knw why it jst would re-assure me tht he does think of me!he is 28 though so older tht guyz I am used too!

    • Okay, so I recommend you just talk to him about it, and say "Hey, I don't expect it every day or anything, but it would be nice for me if you occasionally called or texted just so I know you're thinking about me. A quick little text once in awhile would be plenty." He may just not realize that this is important to you.

    • Its still very new tho dnt wanna seem needy!lol and the fact tht he is 5 years older and we are of diferent nationalities dsnt make it all easy!

  • Yes guys don't like to text all the time. We have to do most of the work in the early stages of a relationship. Its OK if you text him. Doesn't mean your desperate or anything. If you really care for the person then it doesn't matter who texts first.


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