Is this feeling natural or am I going through a phase?

Earlier last week my coworker asked when was the last time I kissed and was shocked when I told her last year on January. Honestly I miss my ex boyfriend and love him til the day I die but I am feeling really lonely. I really want to start dating again, sometimes having feline desires (like Jessica Alba in Dark Angel). Honestly I want to date again but sometimes I feel like I am not ready to, that I must wait a while. I do miss the sensation of being loved and loving in return, being with your significant other and caressing each other with love...I miss feeling that way, but to date that a phase or is it natural to have feline desires?


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  • I'm not certain, but it sounds like you're in the process of getting over your last breakup. But you need to let your ex go before you can be happy again. You won't love him until the day you die - that's how romantic love works when you break up. You need to accept that it's over.