Fabulous 2nd date and then no texts...what happened? :/

I went on a date (dinner) with this guy (met him through a friend) and it was great - lots of laughing and not a single awkward moment! The guy even prolonged the date from just dinner to going for a walk and then going to see a movie. He even offered to drive me home (I live 40 min away) and kissed me goodnight. During the date he kept mentioning our next date several times. When I got home he texted me saying he had a good time. He texted me again the next morning saying that we have to get together again. We got together for the second time 4 days later - he invited me over for a movie at his place. As predicted we didn't watch a movie: a lot of heavy half naked make outs but no sex (I told him I was on my period). He gave me a neck massage, and we talked about all sorts of things/laughed. He told me all sorts of things (i.e. told me he was a virgin until 25). The next morning he had to catch a flight to the states for business - he told me he was going to be away for one week and that he will call me to make plans as soon as he returns. He has been back home for 2 days (we have mutual friends so I know he's back) but I still haven't received a text/call from him...

I messaged him on Facebook saying: "how's it going?"...he saw the message but did not respond

I am just wondering: Is he just not interested? Why would a guy put all this effort and then randomly disappear?


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  • Impossible to guess...he might just be extremely busy, might be having phone issues (unlikely but possible) or a million other reasons. Give it more than two days, and in the meantime don't send him a ton of texts or you might seem too obnoxious which can be a turn off when it comes to the whole game of guy-girl stuff...pursuing a girl...etc.

    Bottom line is it's early and I wouldn't worry too much about it. Apparently he's been traveling across the world so cut him some slack and give it a week or so.


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  • I assure you it's not "random." He's just not interested anymore.

    There's not a lot of LOGIC involved in attraction... because attraction isn't a choice.

    Here's how it played out... he was interested (hence all the effort) and now he's not.

    Sure that sucks.

    But I'm not sure that "knowing why" he's not interested would help you to feel better about the whole thing. Isn't knowing he's NOT interested enough? Do you really need the specifics of his disinterest? Maybe he didn't like the smell of your ears. Maybe he didn't like that mole on your butt. Maybe he had another girl he was dating that he's now more interested in. It's all a mystery...

    Except for the part where he's no longer interested. That's the part that matters and that's the part you should recognize so that you can let him go in order to meet someone more worth your time...

    ~ Robby

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  • He has other women he's interested in, most likely, and is catching up with them. He may get around to you, but I would bet you are only one of many.

  • I didn't even read the details. If you have to ask this question, you should already know the answer.

  • Believe it or not, it wasn't that much of an effort.

    I think it really says something about the guys you perhaps normally date, if you were blown away by nothing more than, well, basic decent behavior .

    He might not have been that into you - he just treated you well because that's how he treats people. And why not?


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