Should I keep it moving and date other guys?

Was dating a guy for over 6 months, said the I love yous and all that good stuff, and all of sudden he says I deserve better because apparently he's going through a bad time and can't seem to do for himself. Doesn't want to end the friendship, is holding some of my personal items at his house hostage, and has been posting some emotional I'm sorry type songs on fb but hasn't said anything about us. I've given him his space and have been doing my own thing and have begun dating other guys. Care about him deeply but this is the 2nd time he has done this and I'm just not feeling like its worth the effort to try anymore.

What does this all mean and why does he think he can play with my emotions like a yo yo?


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  • This guy doesn't sound like someone stable. I strongly suggest you move on for your own benefit. Go get a boyfriend and keep him as your friend. Then, he will come running back and you will be living a happy life while he is watching from behind.

    Time to cut the string on your yo yo.


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