Why would my ex contact me?

Last week my ex ( who broke up with me in January) messaged me last week to text him if I wanted to. Since we haven't talked in a while since he broke up with me. I texted him the next day to be nice. Asked him how he was. Talked for a bit.

He texted me again a week later (today) asking how I was doing. We were texting for a bit. He asked me if I hated him because he knows he broke my heart and I've always tried to avoid him when I saw him. I said I didn't. I don't hate anyone. That's such a strong word.

I asked him how was everything and he said he's having a hard time with the breakup with his ex so well, and said that I probably didn't care. (His ex girlfriend he was seeing for a couple of months broke up with him a little over a month ago. Hurt him really bad and left him for someone else)He kept saying lol after everything he said like he was nervous?

I told him I was sry to hear that, then he said he was OK. I didn't text him anymore because I didn't know what to say. I'm still in the process of getting over him and was doing so good until he messaged me on fb. Then all these feelings came back. I still have those feelings. Maybe I shouldn't have texted him. Even if it was to be courteous.

I was just wondering why he would keep contacting me. He said something on Facebook about the grass not always green on the other side a couple of hours before he messaged me..Made me think, but I'm assuming he's trying to get a rebound (not happening) or he just wants to talk.

Why would you contact your ex? Especially if you broke up with them?


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  • I'm sorry to hear how hard this must be for you, and I admire how kind you were to go out of your way to help him. He contacted you I think was because of the time and closeness you two had spend together. In other words you're the closest person he can open up and ask advice from. If you don't feel comfortable to support him anymore, than just simply let him know. Tell him that the feelings he feels for his recent ex is exactly how and what you're feeling about him and that as much as you would love to help, you simply cant. You need to get better first before you can help another.


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  • I would contact my ex because I needed a friend to help me with what going on and if I felt a certain security with that person I could be frank and honest about what going on with me. I think the grass on the greener side comment refers to the fact he thought the girl he was with was the best but now that she dumped him that it was suppose to be you. My advice is don't go back to him. Let him resolve his feelings but don't let him lean on you to get over his blues of breakup. He venerable so his rationale thinking well may end up putting you in a situation unlikely to your wish. You don't want to be put back in the same spot after he gets over that ex that he ends getting back with you as a stand-in girlfriend till he sees a girl he really want and repeats the cycle. You don't want your heart broken over and over and then you'll be losing your self respect letting some boy treat you in a immoral way and worse allowing it. Your no ones second and I will pray for you.

  • It's not unusual for people to contact their ex-partner once a relationship fails. It's probably mostly done for an ego-rub or something similar. He knows you liked him at some point (maybe thinks you still do) and he probably needs that in his life right now. It's fairly selfish, but like I said, it happens a lot. He most likely just needs someone to make him feel better about himself, and a girl who used to care about him is one of the best options. Maybe he even feels that you were the right one because once time has passed you always seem to remember things in a much better way than they actually were. However, I wouldn't take it too seriously because chances are that once he's over the break-up, he won't be contacting you anymore.