Is a playful kiss a good idea?

Well there's this guy that I like, he older than me by around 10 years.

We flirt, but I can't tell if he has real feelings towards me.

We've never kissed properly (he's gave me a peck on the cheek a few times, and also blew me a kiss a couple of times) and I'm sick of waiting, its been like 2 years.

I want to give him a playful kiss, just to see what his reaction is; whether he'd take the hint, or pull back.

What I'm wondering is, where do you think a kiss could be classified as playful. Cheek, hand, forehead (is that weird for a girl to do to a guy?) or a quick one on the lips.

any advice? :)


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What Guys Said 1

  • Why don't you just get close to him and if your feeling it go in for a real kiss, no need to beat around the push.

    • because then if he doesn't like it, it could make things really awkward between us, and we're really close friends; I don't want to lose that all because of my feelings for him.

    • if he was a real friend you could get past it, I did the same thing to my best friend she said she dident feel the same and we remained friends.

    • okay, I might try then.

      thanks. :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Kiss him on the lips or his nose :) then act like it didn't happen it makes my boyfriend laugh wheni do that