Are guys intimidated by female mucisians when is come to dating?

I was just wondering, if guys get intimidated by it,

i'm a musician and my ex told me it made him jealous since I ended up in a really good band while he struggled playing in two. And realized I was getting good fast, and he kept thinking that I was going to leave him for another.

do many guys get jealous or intimidated about dating female musicians?

is it a turn off?


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  • I'd love dating a woman who's a musician or a singer :-D I'd love listening to her play or singing all the while :-)

    Between you and your ex however, it's not about being a musician but about being in the same profession and the woman rising up faster. It's a common ego issue that one would find between any couple in any profession while they are in the same profession.

    Also insecurity played it's part out here when he began thinking that 'you were going to leave him for another guy' cause you were getting good. He equated that with his 'worthlessness' (or so he thought so about himself).


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  • I don't see anything to be intimidated about. If anything the "aspiring musicians" need a lot of good things going for them to establish good job-credibility.

  • i like girls who are good at singing or playing music instruments. that guy of yours is jealous because you have the same interest yet you are much better than him. its like a racer guy who dates a racer girl who has better driving skill... ya know. this is male ego. we want to stay on top/dominant.

    my advice is make him sure you are not leaving him. and never judge his band skill. as for your band, don't be worse just because you don't want him jealous. just play good as usual.


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