What's going on? How do I get over him?

So last year this guy text me saying we should get close and maybe be more than friends and stuff then he didn't text me again or reply to a text I sent him. I was really hung up on him as he's really attractive. Then exactly the same day this year he text me again saying he saw me etc and we had a chat. Then last week he sent me a message wanting me to sext him and be all cheeky and that. I sent him a message a few days after and he was really blunt and I haven't spoken to him since:L I did have a thing with his best friend for a while but it was completely non serious just some fun.

So does he like me or should I get over him?


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  • Nah, get over him. It seems there isn't enough sparks through messages for you two to take it up a notch. Imagine if he didn't see you, he probably wouldn't even send a text. Move on.


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