He said it's hard being nice?

So I'm dating this guy and

he was talking to me online and asked if I wanted to spend the night at his place, and I was like no its gonna be stressful for me to sleep over cause I don't have my things at your place, and he was like well bring them over, and I was like ugh its hard being a girl..

and he said its hard being nice :)

what did he mean by that

"its hard being nice :)"


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  • The only thing that springs to mind as an explanation of what his thoughts were behind it base on what you said is:

    That he is trying to offer you the opportunity to come over to his place.

    You explain that it will be stressful without your 'things'.

    Things I would think of would be, pillow, sleeping bag, toothbrush, change of cloths ( make-up if you are the type that cares for such things), ( tampon/pad encase it is that time). Carry the sleeping bag and pillow, the rest can fit inside a small bag. So I would also ask why not bring them as well.

    You say it is hard being a girl. I think about the short list above ^^ and that you appear therefore to be declining my offer, for apparently no reason (see above again). Therefore I respond smartly to the smart comment about being a girl with.

    It's hard being nice. :)

    Which lets you know that "its hard being a girl" had no meaning for me and also that I realize you are making excuses so I'll promptly change topics.

    Just my interpretation of what was said.


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